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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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who wrote him new letters. >> she said i know laws have to be passed by congress, but i beg you to try very hardly. i will try very hardly. >> reporter: he then layed out what he says he will push congress to pash. reinstate the -- to pass. reinstate the assault weapons ban. require background check. renew a limit on high capacity magazines and more. >> the only way we can change is if the american people demand it. >> reporter: then the president signed an executive order to enact tougher penalties for people who lie on background checks, and directing the cdc to research the causes and prevention of gun violence.
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>> we must do everything to stop such terrifying violence. >> reporter: the president's proposals face a difficult challenge with republicans and democrats. today they listened to more suggestions than the president had to prevent mass killing and gun violence. >> you can in fact make guns in a way that only the owner can operate that weapon. >> part of the community is a war zone. >> reporter: the proposal is expected to pass. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the plan. as part of making schools safer he wants more resource officers
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and counselors, the end freeze on gun violence research. and he calls for improving mental health services to do more than just keep guns out of the people with mental illness. >> the nra issued a statement inpanse to the president -- in response to the president's initiative. the nra will continue to focus on keeping our children safe and prosecuting violent criminals. attacking fire arms and ignoring children is not a solution to the crisis we face as a nation. only honest law-abiding gun owners will be effected and our children will remain vulnerable. the nra is creating a stir today with a video that adds the president's dotters to the debate -- daughters to the debate.
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this doesn't show his daughters but it accuses president obama of being a hypocrite because he opposes the use of armed guards at schools while his daughters are protected by armed guards. the white house said the add is cowardly. a bill to protect the privacy of people with concealed weapons permits. it allows the names of the holders to be publicly disclosed but not their phones or addresses. police would still have full access to the information. for more reaction to the new gun proposals we went to a gun range and ktvu's john sasaki is there tonight. you found some support for what the president is saying? >> reporter: indeed. this is the gun club and that is the high school trap
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shooting team practicing. this is where you will find vocal opposition and some support. >> the gun club has been around since 1883. some are receptive to president obama's plans. >> i think most of what he says is right. ban on the high capacity magazines is fine. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> this is about being able to take on tyranny. >> reporter: he says he supports background checks for all gun buyers. >> want be so bad to see a, like a mental health check up, like one time you saw apsychiatrist. >> reporter: he says most of the what the president wants to do is already the law. >> we live with california law. no reason the rest of the country can't. >> reporter: we wanted to gauge the feelings of non-gun owners.
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>> i think we have to change some of it laws. people are getting guns legally and doing these things. >> background checks have to take place or else it is a danger to aeveryone -- to everyone. >> it is a advantage we get. >> reporter: everyone agreed all gun buyers should have background check. also that keeping guns away from the mentally ilis more challenging. john sasaki -- mentally ill more challenging. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> she will explain what was behind her later to the president later. man who shot and killed a police officer was not a burglary suspect. he was killed yesterday by a
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man neighbors said was a possible burglary suspect. police say he shot himself after fighting and shooting him. they said he happened to be in the area and was not the burglary suspect the officer was seeking. they located the suspect who prompted the call for police. the vigil is planned for tonight. the california highway patrol is looking for a hit-and- run driver who struck a woman's car this morning. authorities said the suspect vehicle was a white truck but they didn't have a plate number. authorities say the woman was not injured but he was taken to the hospital. the mavericks big wave surf contest is on. the waves and conditions are on for the best surfers in the world. ktvu's christien kafton is live. when are they expected to hold
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the competition? >> reporter: that competition gets underway sunday morning, 8:00 a.m. this morning lorraine blanco was learning organizers were trying to figure out what the weather was going to be like. you can see the water conditions, weather conditions out here. calm. similar to the kinds of conditions in the oceans at this hour. organizers confirmed the weather and water conditions should produce world class waves by this weekend. >> reporter: the surf was low tonight but these waves are expected to grow to monsters by this weekend. fed by a pacific storm and a strong well. he says the conditions are near perfect. >> might be 68 degrees on the beach out here. in the middle of january. and we will have waves up wards of 35 feet. >> reporter: organizers say surfers are already flocking to
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half moon bay to take part in the competition. the competition was last held in 2010. this year organizers say this weekend may wind up being the premier surf event of the year. >> looking at the swell models and the projections, this might be the only event to go off this year. hawaii isn't getting the big swells they need. >> reporter: he says the surf can change quickly to produce world class waves. >> i don't go out when it is really big but i will go out in size, yeah. and watch sometimes. >> it is calm out there right now but they will hold this mavericks big wave surf contest this sunday and our chief meteorologist bill martin has been surfing for years. you have been tracking the weather, what kind of waves do you think they will see? >> a memorable weekend. perfect conditions. here is the thing, we get big surf in san francisco, half
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moon bay, all winter long. when the conditions are come together just right, that is what is happening, the wind, the swell, the tied all together at the same time is very difficult to do. that is why we haven't seen this contest in a couple years. massive surf into the weekend, 20-30-foot. the storm system that are generating this swell is 4,000 miles away. it is a major storm. the swell isn't showing up yet. this swell, 5,000 miles away is coming due west, and it has a big impact on the surf break. it jacks it up. you got to get the wind, the swell and the tied and that is what we have on sunday. it could be one of the best surf events in the history of
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the event. west swell, and great wind conditions, great weather conditions. we will track this for you along with the surf contest you have a high surf advisory with nice weather along the coast, it will be dangerous at ocean beach, at pacifica, we will talk about that and the bay area weekend warm up that is coming your way. the museum is appealing for help in finding a stolen jewelry box. it is a relic from the gold rush era that was snatched from the museum. this photo wasn't available till today because of the investigation. the box was made by a san francisco gold smith as a gift. >> often someone who sees this artifact at an auction house, pawnshop or in someone's home
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and recognizes it as unusual. >> it disappeared on january 9. there is a $12,000 reward for its return. the wife of a victim pleaded for the communitier community -- for the community's help today. >> i have a daughter, 5-year- old, and she -- she asking for him. and i don't have answers. >> they found him shot to death january 6. police have no leads as to why someone would kill him. the boy scouts of america is under court order to release thousands of documents on sex abuse. the judge previously ordthered release of the files but they -- ordered the release of the
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files but they appealed and the supreme court rejected the appeal. terrorists seized a number of hostages, including americans. they are retaliating against the support of a french air attacks against rebels. the field is operated by b b -- bp. they have claimed responsibility for the attack. . half an hour ago san jose police released the sketch of a man who may have attempted to adduct a child. hear from -- abduct a child. hear from the mother. >> a helicopter hits a tower,
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how by standers describe this scene.
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. british petroleum british petroleum a -- a mother says a stranger tried to pulled her daughter from her arms. ktvu's robert handa talked to the mother. she must be pretty shaken up. >> reporter: shaken but determined to come here to the police department to put together a sketch of the man who she says tried to abduct her child out of her arms. >> reporter: san jose police officers have been searching the neighborhood today after a woman called 911 yesterday evening to say a man tried to take her daughter while they were playing outside their home. the mother says she is angry and scared. >> we are just a little shaken up. somebody tried to take our
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daughter. >> the possible suspect is a male adult in his 20s. and smelling like automatic oil. the man was walking by and made a comment. >> when he knelt down he grabbed by daughter, her bottoms were falling off and her boots fell off and that is when the struggle ended. i ran inside and called the police. >> very important we get the information out to the public. this guy needs to be put in jail. >> reporter: neighbors say it has them keeping an eye out for strangers and thinking about close calls. >> one of my teens was going to take our daughter on a walk and my husband said no. >> reporter: for that mom she hopes the public is on alert.
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>> please keep an eye out for him. he is out there. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 p.m., more from the mother, including details about the suspect beyond what is seen in the sketch. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. . governor jerry brown had strong words today as he pushed to expand online education. governor jerry brown said online courses can make higher education more accessible and affordable. he said they needs to deal with a larger problem. >> millions, life chances are different and they don't lead to getting to a post doc program. people worry about getting food on the table, worrying about gunfire. >> the new budgets include $37 million for public colleges to
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develop online courses. video to share coming from oregon. we brought this to you live today as firefighters freed a woman who was trapped between 2 balls 10 inches wide. you see the release and joy on the woman's face. this began before 4:00 a.m. and lasted four hours. it is not clear how she got in but she was seen walking on the roof. while they pumped in warm air they also spraid in soapy foam to lube ruicate the walls. -- lube ruicate the calls. . helicopter crashed into a crane tower today in london killing two people. the helicopter fell during rush hour. the pilot and one person on the
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ground were killed. >> half past 7 we heard an explosion. we heard a loud explosion and we thought it was a terrorist attack and we came out and there was huge piles of smoke over the back there and they shouted a plane flew into the crane there. so, you know, we tried to see if anyone was hurt. >> one person suffered critical injuries. police say they don't know what caused the crash but there is no indication it was linked to terrorism. over the years we have seen robbers use a lot of disguises but this one is a first. take a look at the bucket head bandit. he used a bucket when he robbed his former employer in
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louisiana. he won camouflage and boots. police were able to i.d. the robber and took him into custody. notre dame's linebacker is at the center of a hoax by a girlfriend who went by false name. he credited the woman with inspiring him to lead them to the bcs title game. the woman conspired to trick him into dying from leukemia. the school says the hoax is being investigated. if you are looking for something to do, admission fees to national parks are going to be waved on monday, martin luther king, jr. day. it covers the national parks services 398 properties, parks
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to unanimous. rangers say winter is a beautiful time to visit and snow and ice may force chain restrictions. it appears crops have survived the temperatures of the past week. temperatures climbed last night and they have been using wind machines and sprinklers to keep the temperatures above freezing. as a result they haven't seen much damage to their crops which is good news for them. tomorrow is another day of unhealthy air quality. the fifth spare the air day this season. >> today we felt the bump in temperatures. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here now. >> today it is beautiful outside. warm. temperatures a few degrees warmer and it will continue to warm. over night lows last night warmer than they had been but still in the 20s in some
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places. over night lows today, cold. here is the jet stream pattern. storms go up and over this ridge. we are not going to see rain in the bay area forecast, not in the five-day forecast and not beyond that. it is a dry pattern we are into for a while and that spawns cold over night lows. 50 in livermore. 55 in hayward. temperatures outside are mild. they will warm furthers as we head into tomorrow. couple degrees. over night lows cold. you had frost, freeze and you might see valley fog as well. tomorrow morning is similar to this morning but warmer. this pattern has been dry. very chilly. and we are lucky that we had so much rain early in the season. the new story would be if we hadn't had the storms, where is
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the rain? where is the rain? where is the snow? this period has been an extended dry period. into the weekend, nicest weather we have seen in a while. highs into the mid-60s in some places. this high pressure tomorrow will enhance itself. gives us a slight off shore wind. increases the warming and continues with the dry weather forecast. tomorrow look for temperatures out of the 50s and low 60s and patchy valley fog as well and hazy sunshine, spare the air day, this stable pattern promotes poor air quality. be prepared for that. high pressure warms us a bit tomorrow. as we go into the bay area weekend, the surf contest, heavy surf, where it is coming from, the swell and the five-
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day forecast with your bay area weekend in view and we will pinpoint the highs saturday and sunday. >> thank you. new developments in the dreamliners drama. this afternoon the faa grounded all 787s. what caused them to take such drastic measures. >> sad news about an actor from the 1970s who made his home here in the bay area. [ crickets chirping ]
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an attempted jewelry store heist ended in a police chase and crash today. it started about 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. and ended a mile away. witnesses gave deputy as description of the robbers and their car. after a chase the suspects crashed into another car and a telephone pole. they jumped out and ran away. authorities launched an intense search. >> canine, chp, deputies and officers from redwood city, menlow park. >> two men were captured. two others remain on the loose. no one was hurt. for those with small children a recall, target is recalling pajama sets.
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they are by the target brand. they were sold from august through november of last year. clothes can be returned to target for a refund. democrat is voicing his concerns today that the use of police drones is threatening our right to privacy. the issue has become controversial where the sheriff prosed the use of a drone to catch criminals. that proposal has been put on hold. but today the senator said that police agencies could be infringing on american's rights with their use of unmanned aircraft. >> i am concerned about the use of drones by federal and local authorities to spy on americans at home. this technology is cheap but i think just because it is available doesn't mean it helps
5:29 pm
us. i think there could be a significant threat to the privacy of millions of americans. >> the senator said we are making a mistake if we think giving up more privacy will make us safer. arct conrad bain has -- actor conrad bain has died. he played mr. drummen on different strokes. he died monday. he is survived by his daughter and two sons. it was only last week that san jose was celebrating its new service to asia but what does the future hold after the faa grounded all dreamliners? >> crime is so bad that one leader said he is afraid. hear from him and what the city plans to do to combat crime.
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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> brenda lipe the worlds' -- boeing 787 dreamliners has been grounded in the united states tonight after they experienced several problems. the 787 is made with more composite material and consumer editor tom vacar is live in san jose where the 787 flies out of with reasons why it is being grounded. >> the last thing you want up there at 35,000 feet is a fire in a plastic like plane. >> reporter: following japan
5:33 pm
the faa is grounding all u.s. boeing 787 dreamliners because a flight made an emergency landing when they got an indication of battery problems. they found the battery system partially burnt. another dreamliners had a fire last week in boston. that is unacceptable. >> with the batteries that is a serious problem. you have a real worry of a fire. for san jose airport a black eye. for ana, creating chaos in scheduling and for passengers incredible inconvenience. san jose airport is talking with ana to resume service with a proven airliner. >> i would get that battery out
5:34 pm
of there and replace it. >> reporter: the 50 dreamliners have racked up a pack of problems. in aidation the battery problems a fuel -- addition to the battery problems a fuel leak. >> the grounding of the 787 is the right thing to do at this time. >> reporter: carriers and boeing will have to prove the battery systems are safe before they could resume flight. consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. and here are more details on the 787. six airlines besides the ones in japan that are using the 787. they are air india, ethiopia, chili, polish and cutter. united is the only u.s. carrier. they have six of the new dreamliners.
5:35 pm
all of which are now grounded. the fueleral service for a man killed by a -- funeral service for a man killed by a gang member today. police say he caused the crash while trying to speed away from police. tonight's services is at 7:00 p.m. more and more companies are calling jack london square home. they are scheduled to open up at theond of the month -- up at the end of the month. a settlement over allegations of mortgage abuse. they will pay some of the money to borrowers and the rest will be used for loan modifications.
5:36 pm
the settlement covers 220,000 borrowers whose homes were in foreclosure in 2009 and 2010. the bay area housing market showed signs of recovery in december. more than 7800 new and existing homes changed hands last month. that is up 4.5% from a year ago. the median price was 442,000 and that is up 32%. the number of sales still lags behind the 25 year average for december. on wall street today the problem with the dreamliners pushed the stock lower today and they weighed on the dow jones. the dow is down 23 to 13,511. the nasdaq is up 6 at 3,117. the s&p is up 0.29 at 1,472. there is controversy in
5:37 pm
changes. ktvu's paul chambers is here with the person and the plan that are drawing criticism. paul? >> reporter: we obtained this plan on how to combat crime in oakland. part of the plan talks about binging a controversial figure to implement changes. >> reporter: leaders say oakland is in need of a local state of emergency. >> i am afraid as a parent, citizen and elected official. >> reporter: on any given night there are only 40 police officers working to protect the city of 400,000. >> reporter: last night the committee recommended a contract to pay $250,000 to help battle crime but stopped short of saying if willian
5:38 pm
bratton will lead the charge. >> did reserve the right to have further discussion of who the subcontractors can be. >> reporter: next week the counsel will decide on the contract and his possible future in oakland. if approved he would serve as one of three consultants. >> it would be for the chief to decide which recommendation to take and for the counsel and mayor to decide what policies to pass. >> reporter: things need to happen fast. at the end of the month the contract with chp is set to expire. they are asking the governor to allow the officers to stay a little longer. the mayor is in washington, d.c. meeting with leaders in hopes of bringing more support to oakland. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a marine pleaded guilty for urinating on the bodies of dead
5:39 pm
taliban fighters in afghanistan. he and others posed for pictures during the incident. the court-martial charges are posing with casualties and failing to properly supervise junior marines. he could face a year in prison, demotion and discharge. new year and a new stamp, how the u.s. postal service is marking the year and why san francisco has reason to be proud as well. >> she was hoping for change. the letter from a girl that earned her a trip to the white house to hear how president obama plans to make schools safer. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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researchers are trying to reassure parents vaccines are safe. they conducted a review of the research into the vaccine schedule. 90% of u.s. children are vaccinated on that time table and they are safer. they are still one of the most effective measures available to prevent childhood diseases. a group of ceos want to change the retirement age for those under 55. they are recommending raising the social security retirement age to 70 and it would reduce
5:43 pm
annual increases in benefits. it would not change any rules for those 55 or older. the u.s. postal service unveiled the new stamp. the 6th stamp in the series representing the year of the snake. many collectors showed up today for a first day of issue edition. there is a big demand in the bay area for the the stamps. >> that is why for san francisco, san francisco has been chosen three times to be the first day of issue. >> the stamp was released in time for members of the asian communities to use the stamp on their new year's greeting. children wrote to president obama after the newtown, connecticut shooting, the changes they want to see coming
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when president obama unveiled his policy today several children stood with him today. the touching remarks one child made after the event. >> reporter: one of the kids who wrote to president obama at the white house said he did so
5:47 pm
hoping for change. >> people can really be killed. i wanted to write a letter to stop it. >> reporter: he asked him to stop gun violence and wrote he was sad about the children who lost their lives in connecticut. the president invited him to the white house for his announcement. he said it was exciting and sobering. >> he said that grace, the person that got killed, her parents were her, i saw one of the parents crying, i wanted to hug her. >> very proud. just for him to have the heart and the mind set to think of others in times like these. >> reporter: president obama acknowledged the kids at the anegative -- announcement. >> said i know that laws have to be passed by congress but i beg you to try very hardly.
5:48 pm
[ laughter ] >> i will try very hardly. >> reporter: he wants the president to keep his word. >> never know when somebody is going to strike with a gun. >> reporter: ktvu channel 2 news. >> ken salazar is the latest set to leave the obama administration. he told president obama he will step down at the end of march. he expects to return to his ranch. mayor ed lee will be attending a conference in washington, d.c. starting tomorrow. on sunday he will make time to watch the 49ers play in the championship. and monday he will attend the president's inauguration ceremony. he watched the movie link toon get into the right -- lincoln to get into had right spirit.
5:49 pm
ktvu will have coverage beginning sunday. ken pritchett will be in washington, d.c. look for live reports starting with mornings on 2. general motors is in talks with facebook about paying for adds again. but officials caution the talks might not mean much. they dropped their advertising last year saying it didn't have much of an effect on sales. gm says it is not going to advertise in the super bowl because the rates are too high. iphone users have a new way to make calls. use the facebook messenger app but it can only go to other iphone users with the app. the service is not available on android or blackberry. american idol is back tonight and it has the makers
5:50 pm
promising a larger talent pool this season. the show branched out into smaller communities. and contestaments -- contestants can be nominated by friends. it premiers tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on ktvu channel 2. bakery is the latest business to honor its quarterback. thane unveiled -- they unveiled its new colin kaepernick cookies cookies and cup quakes. a cookie -- cupcakes. a cookie with his jersey. they are proud of their local boy and fans seem to love it. >> can't keep them in the case. we had it keep these three here for you so you could take a picture. they are just moving. some ladies are waiting for
5:51 pm
these. they have been a hot item. >> ktvu channel 2 news has you covered for sunday's championship game against the falcons. 9:30 a.m. championship play book. championship race and the fox pre-game show. at noon game time and following the game point after. >> hopefully we will cap it off with a 49ers victory. our weather now. everyone is tired of the cold weather. >> it is starting to warm up but it will still be cold again tomorrow. we are seeing freezing temperatures again tomorrow morning. frost. valley fog as well. it is dry. no weather system impacting us. off shore, some of the swells, high surf advisory, the waves will stay small for a couple days. as we get into saturday
5:52 pm
morning, saturday afternoon they will start to come up. wind conditions are calm. that is how i know conditions tonight will be cool. light winds allows temperatures to cool off at night. wind at night keeps us warmer, above freezing and away from the frost conditions. with less wind it increases the potential for frost and fog and freezing temperatures. tomorrow the same thing. morning frost. cool, cold. hazy sunshine in the afternoon. slightly warmer. bay area weekend, warming up. this high pressure is keeping everything to the north. sunny conditions through the weekend. warmest day on the weekend, sunday we could see temperatures into the upper 60s. 59 in antioch tomorrow. 58 fairfield. not bad, right? 60 napa.
5:53 pm
63 santa rosa. almost warm. 60 oakland. 60 heyward. san jose 63. 64 morgan hill. start off at 32 degrees tomorrow morning. a warmer day tomorrow. i said this earlier, i am glad we got the rain. i would hate to sell these conditions, the five-day forecast, warmer weather if we didn't have 140% of rainfall average. mountains they have a ton of snow. that is good. five-day forecast, temperatures spike friday, saturday, sunday. 63 on saturday. you will find on saturday, you will find mid-60s, same on sunday. >> feels so nice. thank you. all right. would you eat a bucket of fried chicken on your own? that is what you are doing when you eat one entree at a popular chain restaurant. what we are packing in when we eat out.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
a report card has startling information about how much you might be packing in. soring calorie counts, not just in deserts but breakfast and pasta dishes. this pasta weighed in at 3100- calories. that is as much as a 12 piece
5:57 pm
bucket of fried chicken. this has more than 1700- calories. that is equal to five egmcmuffins with 10 packets of -- egg mcfuffens with 10 packets of sugar. >> they don't realize. >> under a new law, they must soon include calorie information on the menu. you got to see these pictures. a woman will have an interesting report to file. this is what police officers found when they were called to an apartment complex this morning. police say a 69-year-old woman was trying to turn right when she drove her car through a fence and into that swimming pool. how about this, someone saw what was happening and grabbed the rack and pulled the suv to
5:58 pm
the top of the pool and rescued the woman. mental health compennant, the laws in -- component, the laws that could beint crated into national wide standards. >> we will break down the san francisco neighborhoods that could soon lose their favorite and only area cold. jw
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